Welcome to DSsemicon.com

DS Semicon Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 by Young-Hwa Song.

Since our company was established, we have constantly developed precision processing technology on Si, Glass, and Ceramic materials. Based on our experience, we have steadily grown by doing various processing services to the domestic companies and research institutes.

Thank you very much for your help all the while.

On account of the eye-opening progress of the recent semiconductor and MEMS processing technology, CMP technology has risen up as major force in the field. We are able to provide you with services of high quality, because we have been constantly developing technology from the beginning.

But, it's just start.

We are not fully contented with what we have fulfilled so far, because there are lots of things to learn and do.

We would like to promise you that we are going to do our best to improve our service in the future.

And the precision processing technique is very important to develop equipments, set up process conditions, and hold excellent skills.

We purchase surplus equipments, and we have established efficient systems that we modify and refurbish this equipment in order to fit to process. We also assure you that we can provide you with the service of high quality at reasonable price.

We always wish your constant interest and support.

Thank you very much.


 President    Young-Hwa Song